Corporations need to balance conformance, performance and corporate responsibility to successfully evolve into sustainable enterprises. Executives and management need to embrace tools, processes, and metrics that drive conformance and performance. Greater effectiveness and transparency can be gained by combining traditional services with newer concepts on strategy, performance and value management using available technology tools.

StraVis Enterprize Solutions provides Enterprise Performance Management Process and Technology Services in the following areas:

Through different tools and solutions, it can be seen where value is created and destroyed, by adopting Balanced Scorecard and performance measurement concepts like Strategy Creation, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Measurement, Forecasting, Value-based Management, Cost and Profitability Management and Ongoing Strategy Effectiveness and Evaluation.

Leading CPAs, CMAs, and CIAs advice StraVis on the best practices and solutions related to Balance Scorecard, Performance Measurements – KPIs and Dashboards, Corporate Planning and Consolidation, Cost and Profitability Management and Measurement of Ongoing Strategy Effectiveness and Evaluation.

Our experts, using well established tools and methodologies, assist small, medium sized to larger corporations in deploying Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

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