Mfg - Process

With the rich combined domain experience of StraVis senior executive team in excess of 100 years, StraVis understands the fineness of process manufacturing business processes, designing and implementing IT solutions for process manufacturing enterprises.

Based on the rich domain experience in addressing various manufacturing challenges, StraVis senior executives have developed expertise in designing:

  • Master data, particularly material master data for process industry
  • Intercompany material transfers, intracompany material transfer and accounting Designing advanced ware house management functionality
  • Automatic production planning of one plant based on consumption plan of another plant
  • Multi-level Bill of Material
  • Master recipe based on process flow
  • Designing integration of production processes with cost accounting processes for capturing manufacturing cost
  • Costing and valuation of joint products and by products
  • Inventory valuation model based on industry practice and needs
  • Quality management master inspection characteristics
  • Quality management process for procured material, in process material and finished goods
  • Designing and implementing periodic, preventive and emergency maintenance
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