Financial Services

Financial services is one of the industry specialization of StraVis. Again, this is one of the rich experience that the senior executives of StraVis brings as a value proposition to its client.

The expertise includes Banking, Insurance and Investment management companies such as mutual funds.

In banking Stravis expertise includes:

  • Core banking solution implementation
  • Deposits
  • Mortgages
  • Cards
  • Derivatives
  • Wealth Management plan

Insurance solution implementation expertise includes:

  • Insurance cover / policies management
  • Claims management
  • Collection and disbursement management
  • Investment management

Investment companies and mutual solution implementation includes:

  • Investment program Mutual Fund program management
  • Capital market operations management
  • Money market operations management
  • Collection and disbursement management
  • Maturity and repurchase management

Besides core operations of financial services, StraVis also has expertise in managing their Analytics requirements.

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