Application Management Services Innovation (with AI)

Stravis, with its partner, is one of the pioneer in supporting SAP in global AMS customer engagement. Understanding customer business needs for optimizing the SAP application maintenance cost through its ‘On demand & Pay per use’ Application Management Service Innovation.

Under this model, the customer is offered bouquet of SAP Maintenance support such as Basis – Proactive monitoring, Basis – Administration, Basis – Security, Functional consulting, ABAP Development and others. The services are made available on demand by the customer and customer just need to pay as they use the service.

Stravis Application Management Services Innovation value comes from automation and artificial intelligence that is being developed by Stravis. With this Stravis could automate routine application maintenance and support activities. Human intelligence intervention is applied only for complex problem-solving situation.

Thus, Stravis brings tremendous value to customer through its Application Management Service Innovation, unlike the traditional AMS models.

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