Managed Analytics & Enterprise Information Management

Stravis supports its customers strategy in focusing on the enterprise core business and enhancing core competency and getting other support activities done through professional service providers.

Often clients of Stravis have experienced, their business analysts spending time on preparing analytics report rather than investing their time in analyzing the report and gain business insights. In order to free up the time of business analysts of client enterprises, Stravis has developed the service offering ‘Managed Analytics & Enterprise Information Management’.

In this service offering, Stravis work with its customers and develop the roadmap for their strategic information needs. Also, considering their existing IT set up decide and recommend the technological needs and help customer to get their periodic information reports for their management review.

Stravis not only just prepare periodic information reports and present, but also analyze the report and provide inferences and insights through its team of domain experts, who think out of the box and provide value to customers.

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