Application Implementation with RDS

Optimize SAP S/4HANA implementation with RDS


SAP has moved along with times and came out with Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) in the era of ECC 6 and subsequently came out with Best Practices upon launching S/4 HANA. The main objective of bringing in RDS for ECC 6 and Best practices for S/4 HANA was to bring value to customer through bringing down the implementation cycle time for customer. StraVis moved one step further built its Ezy series of products as RDS for select verticals. StraVis Ezy series of products are typical RDS solutions that goes beyond S/4 HANA Best Practices. While the Best Practices of S/4 HANA helps every implementation to reduce its implementation cycle time, StraVis RDS is aimed at further reducing the reduced implementation cycle time targeted by SAP. At a high level, if S/4 HANA solution takes about 6 months to implement, Stravis RDS can be of help to customers in implementing the same solution in 4 months.

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