Automated Testing with AI

Tailor Fast, Affordable, Automated Risk-based Testing for your business with AI


StraVis automated testing services are run on contemporary state of art test suite with built in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

One can create robust Testing scripts with Stravis test suite, which completely work on identifying the UI components on SAP screen. StraVis test suiteengine is developed completely in Java can run on any platform with Java Virtual Machine installed. The Engine is capable of recording and playback of scripts (playback/execution of scripts can be at client level or at server level). Test reports can be generated in Word, PDF formats with screenshots at every step of execution.

StraVis Test Suite offers unique features:
  • Cross Browser Recording (Web-based applications)
  • Central repository of Test Scripts
  • Zero Script Automated Test Recording
  • Codeless and Intuitive test steps view
  • Message/sentence based Validation
  • Testing as steps
The advantages of StraVis Test Suite are:
  • Reduce regression testing from weeks to minutes
  • Reuse of Test scripts and maintainability for model-based test automation
  • Clear insights of risks for all upgrades/releases

Be it business process testing or web application testing, StraVis testing suite brings business value for any enterprise.

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