UPES had challenges about the availability of the application for Student activities due to network issues from various service providers. The scalability of the application was an issue due to the limitation in on-premise infrastructure and the dynamic needs of the business. SAP Production instance migration to AWS cloud has addressed the high availability of the application services to the end-users. Migration to the SAP HANA database in the AWS environment improved the performance and was flexible to dynamic computing demands from the business. Cloud migration has increased satisfaction levels across all the stakeholders – Students, Faculty and Management.


1.      UPES as an account is available with us for almost past 10 years

2.      Infrastructure Support including their in house servers of varied OS and also AWS – Cloud instances for SAP Production and Web applications

3.      We support their DotNet Application development and maintenance, including the live site

4.      We provide them support on MS-Dynamics CRM thru a third party

5.      We do full-stack support to their SAP which includes

         a.       SLcM

         b.       FICA

         c.       FICO

         d.       HCM

         e.       MM

         f.        BI/DW etc

         g.       Analytics

         h.       ABAP

6.      In the past few months these are the new upgrades that we have done for them:

         a.       Integration with their mowfwd project

         b.       Time Table and attendance project

         c.       Integration with multiple payment gateways

         d.       The smooth result processing happens thru our system

         e.       Registration and re-registration happens thru our system

         f.        Selection of mandatory elective subjects

7.       UPES has ~16000 Students and 1000+ Faculty and admin staff, they all use self-service as per the need and access provided

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