As cloud adoption increases, especially like adoption of, a safe migration path becomes inevitable. Many SAP customers have a long embedded history with their on-premises SAP CRM solutions, but as businesses grow and requirements change, these on-premise applications have its own challenges to come upto speed with the latest of the cloud technologies. Many SAP customers have started adopting as the CRM option, as Salesforce has the experience having been in the space for years.

On-premises and Cloud CRM

SAP CRM is a powerful on-premises CRM solution employed by many businesses to manage company interactions with existing and potential customers. It has served as a solid CRM solution, but as more and more cloud CRM solutions are entering the market, many businesses are looking at options with the cloud model. StraVis Solutions Offerings are:

  • SAP CRM to Migration Assessment Services
  • SAP CRM to Data Mapping and Migration services
  • to SAP CRM Migration Services
  • Business Objects to Integration
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